Promoting Your Blog – Idea Set #2

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Promoting Your Blog – Idea Set #2

Some ideas on how to promote your blog

In my last post in this series, Increase Your Blog Readers, I shared some ideas on how to build up your reader list. There is no sense in wasting your time blogging if no one is reading it, right?

Today’s post will cover ideas on how to start promoting your blog.

  1. Cover the Basics:  This seems pretty obvious but you should be including your blog links in all online and offline signatures.  You might considering using something like WiseStamp to automatically include your blog and last post headline in your email signatures.
  2. Make it Easy to Share:  Make sure your share icons are prominently placed alongside your content. There are several plugins that make sharing easy.
  3. Selective Guest Posting:  Find a handful of blogs that appeal to your reader.  Invest time in creating a relationship with the blog publisher through comments, social networking, and IRL (in real life).  Offer a guest post after you’ve built the relationship.
  4. Publish Frequently:  Publish as often as you can without sacrificing quality.  Frequent publishing increases opportunities for first-page search listings, 3rd-party blog mentions, and shares.  You might want to use a Editorial Calendar such as WordPress Editorial Calendar plugin or just a simple excel spreadsheet like this.
  5. Curating Blog Articles: Out of ideas on what to blog about? You might consider curating blog posts from other bloggers. There are so many great bloggers that blog for a living. Why not share their original articles? Just make sure you give them credit.
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