Promoting Your Blog – Idea Set #2

Some ideas on how to promote your blog In my last post in this series, Increase Your Blog Readers, I shared some ideas on how to build up your reader list. There is no sense in wasting your time blogging if no one is reading it, right? Today's post will cover ideas on how to [...]

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Increase Your Blog Readers – Idea Set #1

  I came across a post on Pushing Social that breaks down various ideas on blogging. It is a long post so I am going to give you bits of tips so it will be easier to consume. One of the first areas of discussion is how to build up more readers for your blog. [...]

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11 Crucial Ingredients to Your Blog Post

I just happen to love infographics because it helps me visualize complex topics. I came across this one on CopyBlogger that pinpoints essential ingredients that every blog post should contain. One of the main points I need to point out is that you should start with a headline first and then the blog post content [...]

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Blogging Tools to Improve Your Blog

Many of my clients see the value of blogging for their business but they are not sure what tools to use. I wanted to share this blog post from Social Media Examiner that will give you 16 great blogging resources to improve your blog. Many of these resources listed here we use at Digital110 and for [...]

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A “Write Great Headlines” Resource & Webinar

Blog headlines. It is really a difficult thing to create but it is SO important! Jennifer Bourn of Bourn Creative provided an awesome resources for writing great headlines. In this PDF you’ll learn about writing great headlines (duh), the 12 most persuasive types of headlines, and how to repurpose one headline into 30 different headlines. Plus you’ll [...]

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