18 Questions You Are Afraid to Ask About SEO

Rachel at Hubspot put together a nice article that lists questions you are too embarrassed to ask about Search Engine Optimization. It is an easy read and very informative if you are just learning about SEO. So let's talk about all of the SEO things I had questions about along the way, but wasn't [...]

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A “Write Great Headlines” Resource & Webinar

Blog headlines. It is really a difficult thing to create but it is SO important! Jennifer Bourn of Bourn Creative provided an awesome resources for writing great headlines. In this PDF you’ll learn about writing great headlines (duh), the 12 most persuasive types of headlines, and how to repurpose one headline into 30 different headlines. Plus you’ll [...]

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Blogs, are they really that important for your business?

As a business owner, you realize that social media interaction is important to the longevity of your business, but maybe you haven’t quite grasped the concept of user engagement. It is crucial to use technology and incorporate a variety of elements into your digital marketing strategy that go beyond social media. Successful (and relevant) businesses [...]

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